Energy is everywhere and that's what we try to read through tarot cards. We find ourselves often confused with our thoughts and feelings. What are thoughts? What are feelings? It all takes a form of energy and tarot acts as a navigator to understand it and decide what could be best for you. “Nothing can help you if you are not ready to help yourself” The tarot can only help you if you are ready to receive the highest good for yourself.Tarot has a vast history. To cut it short, it started with the regular playing cards in the early 15th century and then gradually grew with beautiful imagery on the cards.


Neelam (Tarot)

As a kid I had always been a curious seeker. Often my parents would get annoyed with my questions which they did not have answers to. I had this inclination about studying human behaviour and understanding various facets of it. So, you must be thinking I would be that psychology student who pursued the same as her career. Let me burst the bubble! no , i was not! The phase when I decided what to study I was just following the norms. I did my bachelors in PR and kept reading about energy work and tarot.

Today I know it was a journey. I had a corporate stint of almost 8 years and trust me, each and every experience that I had in that stint has contributed to what I am doing today. I remember! I had been operated on for gall stones and while relaxing post surgery on the bed i decided to start my youtube channel. My mentor who encouraged me to do it is very close to my heart. Since then, doing tarot readings became like a zen moment for me keeping everything aside. It used to be that moment where nothing else bothered me. Gradually the seeker in me understood what I was seeking. I had been contemplating whether to quit or not to quit my job and then one day something inside me just said “this is it” and I did it.

Shweta (Merchandise)

If I would ever want someone to know me with just a word, I would like it to be “sunshine”. I have always been drawn towards the energy of the sun, I love summers, I love plants, I always had a gardener in me somewhere which I’ve recently discovered to be one of my passion and this passion of mine thrives on the energy of the sun, the beautiful light. But obviously everyone has there own journey of discovery and so do I, I’m a graduate in life sciences but I build my career in the virtual world of digital marketing and social media.

I had always been a believer of energies and vibes, I stumbled upon the world of crystals and energy healing and fell in love with it. It’s something that resonates with the ideology I live by, Anything or anyone who radiates positive and happy energy around me is like a small part of the sun close to me. Crystals do the same for me, they are my semi-precious suns. I have always loved the idea of energy healing, meditation and therapy and crystals for me represent energy. Since a long time I have been an ardent reader and follower of the process of energy therapy and encourage people to give it shot once to know about it’s magic.



Start your journey of healing with energy of
crystals and candles



Eco-friendly, scented soy wax candles with pure crystal shells & potpourri.



Best quality crystals embedded in sterling silver.



Authentic crystal beads put together in the form a bracelet to bring energtic balance


Crystals for Home decor

Cleanse your home


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