Vrushti Nandu

A certified yoga instructor and intuitive tarot reader. She is here for you to discover your inner light and overcome life's challenges with the help of tarot cards and mystical sciences. Her readings are all about gaining strength and clarity, and understanding the flow of destiny. By exploring the mysteries of Tarot, we can unlock the secrets of our own psyche and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Having trained under Neelam, she holds a strong understanding of cards. Her Spiritual calling has always driven her and she has willing at a very young age devoted her life to spirituality


Video Call for 30 mins

This helps in understanding your personality with the help of ancient archetypes and time frames in your life that are suitable. This is a 30 min video call where the analysis will be given to you with tarot Q&A



If you have specific questions in your mind which you are looking for answers to and just need straight forward guidance from tarot- then you can go for the options given below

Instruction- Keep your questions simple and give a little brief along with your questions

2 question Video/Audio- INR750/15USD
2 questions audio/video/email- INR800/18USD
4 questions audio/video/email- INR1200/20USD

*No refunds for no show and booking cancellation after payment*

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